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Check, Please! (2017)
Producer: Janett Salas
Director: Victor Vargas
Cinematographer: Nicholas Fornwalt
Editor: Victor Vargas
The Man Behind the Suit (2016)
Producer: Janett Salas
Director: Victor Vargas
Cinematographer: Janett Salas, Colton Trcic, Victor Vargas
Editor: Colton Trcic
Scripted (2015)
Producer: Victor Vargas
Director: Victor Vargas
Cinematographer: Victor Vargas
Editor: Victor Vargas

Full Credit List

Waffle (Short Film) | Director, Writer, Editor
Check, Please! (Short Film) | Director, Writer, Editor
The Man Behind the Suit (Feature Documentary) | Director
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. (Short Film) | Director, Writer, Editor
Scripted (Short Film) | Director, Writer, Editor
Dynamic Duo (Short Film) | Editor


Flip or Flop (Season 8) | Production Assistant
Christina on the Coast (Season 2) | Production Assistant
House Hunters Renovation (Season 17) | Production Assistant 
Cooks Vs Cons (Season 2) | Production Assistant
Grand Canyon University "Thunder In All of Us" | Production Assistant
Design Pickle "Leave It To Us" | Grip
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